Complaint: Not Listening to all consumers

on 13 April 2022 about Netflix in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

There are things on Netflix I have requested for and against. On I have requested a reminder for shows ending so I don’t have to search through them all to see if a show is ending or not on my list. The other complaint I had is the surprise me shuffle button on the screen. Okay some people may want this but NOT all of us. I will never use it, I know what I want to watch. At least give the customer the ability to hide it at the very least. It’s in the way and annoying. Also when I am trying to read the synopsis it’s starts playing the show. NO. When I click on it, then let it play. I don’t want a show ending up on my continue watching when I had no intention of watching it in the first place.

Suggested solution:

LISTEN to ALL customers. NOT what THEY want but what the customer wants. That's key. Secondly the requests are simple. You can recommend shows to me so why not remind my what is ending, far more valuable to me and many other customers. Also buttons like shuffle surprise me is aimed at lazy people who have nothing better to do than watch WAY too much TV. If you can't decide then maybe you should do something else. I don't want this button in my view each time I use Netflix. One last complaint brought up by many is the thumbs up and down. REALLY doesn't tell a true picture and lazy on Netflix behalf. A thumbs up or down (instead of the old five star) only tells a partial picture. I don't want shows recommended on a so-so movie because I either thought it great or terrible. Five star far more accurate. They ramp up the subscriber fees and yet are making it less likeable. LISTEN NETFLIX instead of what you want do what the customer wants. I have seen many complaints on the forums about said issues and so know this is not me just being unreasonable. Many people HATE these options we don't have a choice about. If I'm paying it should fit my needs too.

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