Netflix complaint: Household

Complaint from FawnP18 reported on 27 August 2023 about Netflix

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My complaint:

I understand the whole not sharing ur password to people however some have multiple houses. Some also might pay for Netflix for their child to watch and would like to let the babysitters have the info for their kids to watch when they are there. The babysitter might not have it themself nor want to get it cuz they don’t watch TV. Me for instance I have multiple properties. I shouldn’t have to pay multiple Netflix accounts so I can watch them from my other properties. I’m to the point where I’m about to cancel my prescription cuz y have it if I can only choose one place.

Suggested solution:

Maybe have an option where you can prove that you own multiple properties or maybe have a limit of two locations.

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8 months ago

Kids profiles aren’t effected by the household rules, so if your babysitter signs in to your Netflix account they can play films and shows on kids profiles. For the multiple properties – if you have the Netflix app on your phone, open it while your phone is connected to the same network as your designated household tv. Once you’ve done that, you can go visit one of your other properties by connecting your phone to the property’s wifi (same as the property’s tv is connected to) and open the Netflix app. You’re good to go. This won’t, however, work if… Read more »