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My complaint:

Two representatives refused to transfer my call to a supervisor or manager,as requested.

The first call was 03232022 at approximately 8:25AM. Her name, she said, was Sal.
She did not answer my questions.
She was not a good listener. I had to repeat everything more than twice.

The 2nd Representative Jackie, refused to transfer me to a supervisor. I asked several times.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Representatives should never answer a call without a pen!!!
They should not have to repeatedly ask the customer to repeat themselves.
If requesting a supervisor because they neglect to give you professional support. They usually find a reason not to transfer the call.

A supervisor should always be available to give resolution to a call

I am quite disenchanted with how my calls were handled.

Denyse Hoffman
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Horrible Customer service
Horrible Customer service
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