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on 23 May 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

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Speaking specifically about your Netflix originals: I understand that you’re trying to increase diversity, and I am happy to see it, but you could do it better. Taking a story from one culture and replacing key figures in the story with people from another culture, is cheap diversity. Some people are smart enough to see your ‘diversity’ as it really is: patronizing an entire race of people. Unless I am missing something, you don’t have a SINGLE (Netflix original) film about, or one that takes place in, Africa or the Caribbean. It makes no sense to create remakes trying desperately to be diverse when you don’t have a single movie about black culture. Glorifying the history, culture, and land of a people would be a much more sincere gesture than what you’re currently doing.

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Make a show about African lore, like they did for Ragnarok.

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