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on 15 September 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

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Netflix really canceled one of the few shows that felt captivating and immersive to me and so many others, there have been protests and even hunger strikes and they still say the decision is made. Well I refuse to believe that! There is always a choice! Brit marling and the rest of the crew are too modest to admit that they would love to bring the show back! I can tell it tears them apart to not finish this incredibly beautiful show that told an amazing and unique story! This is more than just a show to us! We are standing united and will not be silenced because this story means too much to us! It resembles so many things but the biggest thing it resembles is HOPE! We deserve a 3rd season! And by we I mean the crew as well! So please listen to the people! Hear our cries! Otherwise Netflix is going to lose a lot of customers and I will be one of them! Netflix would be do everyone a favor by bringing the show back! This would make so much people happy. Happy customers is what you want. Sure you can’t please everyone but we OA fans are not just any customersclients we are a whole community and family!

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Simple. Bring back The OA!

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random internet person
random internet person (@guest_2012)
5 days ago

I only just found out this show existed last week and watched it all the way through. I thought that it was finished cause the splash page had two parts on it. But to be left with a cliff hanger, my partner and I were so upset, no idea why such a good rated show was canned. Even Breaking Bad didn’t really find an audience until well into its run. This was a good show, it would have eventually found it’s audience that would have been willing to pay to stay invested. As a side note, i wish Netflix would… Read more »

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