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I’ve heard that they recently started adapting avatar the last air bender into a new show and that after creative differences, the show’s original creators have left. I’ve heard they plan to age up characters, add sexintimate scenes, cast Caucasians, and make the show darker(?) and more mature (?). I have no idea how valid these rumors are but I’d just like to ask if they could not. I don’t know how far this complaint will get if anywhere at all but ATLA (the original series) is the show that makes me feel safe. Please don’t adapt. When has any series spin-off, adaptation, or reboot been actually cool. Legend of Korra was a good spin-off but Korra was written and created by the original creators. And they already left the adaptation project with netflix so shouldn’t it be over? Can they just stop now? Please. Don’t do this to Aang and team avatar. The original show was mature, it trusted its characters and treated them with respect despite their age. It was loving with out any 18 intimate shows of affection. It shined a light on a cast that many younger viewers weren’t used to seeing on the screen. It didn’t need to be darker. The original show had dark topics to begin with and tested and talked about them beautifully without using them for spectacle or flash. The original show was a love letter to children with fighting but kind spirits among a world that they know nothing about and holds deeper darks than they have yet to discover. I don’t believe the adaption will add anything to something that’s already been perfected. I have no faith that any of the previously listed rumors will add dimension to plot or characters they will diminish and undo the the world the original series took place in. I do not want this adaptation I know others would agree. Whatever happened to the film adaption of the show? It sucked. Thinking about this adaptation is making me sad 🙁 so I’m gonna rap this up and say please listen to me because I know best because I’m a fan.

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They should decide to not adapt and just stop. I’m not joking. I mean it really sincerely. Please, I do not want to see an adaption of avatar the last air bender.

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