NCF Living complaint: no refund and no furniture (faulty goods)

Complaint from johnr211 reported on 06 December 2023 about NCF Living

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My complaint:

Ncf Living refused to give me a refund after i contact them after the corner suite i ordered and paid for (cash not finance)was delivered faulty,after the delivery team tried and tried to assemble one of the recliner chairs ,they couldn’t assemble it correctly.the filling on some of the back of the seats was very shabby and didn’t look like there was not a lot of filling in them,after about 30 minutes or so we had seen enough,so i asked them to return it back to Ncf as it was faulty,the delivery people was on the phone to the company and we overheard the conversation.

They was told to leave the furniture,the delivery driver then said we have another few deliveries to do then they would then come back to collect our furniture,we knew this wasn’t going to happen so a couple of my friends carefully put the furniture back on their van as the back doors were still open,they asked to leave it and they would sort it out,they dis assembled all the furniture and put it all back in its original cardboard boxes,we have all this on video,they kept offering a full refund less 25% cancellation fee,we did not cancel anything we refused delivery due to it been faulty,i am disabled with osteoarthritis, sciatica, lupus and spondylitis.

I sent them photos of us sitting on rattan garden furniture this did not bother them,i saved up for that furniture and couldn’t afford any more,so that’s why we was sitting on garden furniture,we ae now a few weeks from Xmas i still don’t have the furniture nor do i have any refund,they have forced me to accept 25% off any refund,also to delay it even further they want me to drop off the stain kit which they gave me for free, at the Birstall store ,they reckon the stain kit is worth £29.99,ive read loads and loads of complaints,reviews,possibly hundreds,how do they still advertise 5 on Trustpilot on their website, surely this needs looking in to as well,

surely this company cannot keep on treating people like this,
John Roberts

Suggested solution:

I would like a full refund of £2988 ,also an apology, they believe that visa are not right when visa investigated it,visa stood by Ncf for the simple reason Ncf told them that i had agreed 15% not 25% deduction with them,this is not true,i have the emails from visa to Ncf also the email from Ncf to visa stating the 15%,ncf are denying they told visa 15%,why would they lie,i have all emails from visa.

NCF Living complaint no refund and no furniture (faulty goods)
NCF Living complaint no refund and no furniture (faulty goods)
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