Complaint: tried to get ahold of them via contact us page..

on 30 July 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

tried to get ahold of them via contact us page.. email system refuses to send message. Circles the toilet bowl by saying processing for past 48 hrs.. I can hear them now.. Hey Boss! We’ve had zero complaints! Attaboy! Keep up the good work! You’ll get a promotion soon from toilet bowl cleaner to floor sweeper.. Can you hear the frustration??
Anyway..My problem is that I clearly like their shows, but I can’t access them.. I started watching Killjoys on SYFY and now it’s generated a code. So I signed into Syfy and they tell me to login into NBCuniversal profile. of course I try to set one up and it won’t let me.. I DON’T have cable. I’m using ROKU instead.. Is there any freaking way that I can see my favorite shows without having to go to the Vatican to get a signed letter from the Pope in his own blood.. I’m trying to be funny.. Thanks!
It would help greatly if they answered their phone or activated their message system..

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answer your phones. allow emails to access someone that can do something..If you are going to have an internet business, then have an internet help desk...Just imagine how much your business would increase if people could access your shows and ads...

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about NBC

Comment by poster of the complaint terminator208

1 year ago - Found a obscure posting that indirectly said that only certain digital providers will work with NBCUniversal. So I picked and paid for one:Sling. And guess what? All show channels that are under NBCUniversal still refer me to sign in the the NBCUniversal profile. Again I still tried to sign in using email AND Google acct info, but nada, zip, zero zilch. Why, because it doesn't address the problem. Am I surprised? And their tips didn't work because it doesn't address the actual problem: the NBCUniversal profile.. I've tried to reset the password just in case in my madness that it actually stored an email and password, but no email was sent sent from them resetting the password.. No this is not a message FROM NBC!!

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