Complaint: This is how Media is Destroying Democracy

on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

NBC hosting a town hall with Trump at the EXACT time as the Biden town hall was disgusting. It was Trump who declined to do the virtual debate and you then gave him equal time just so that you could outdo your competitor ABC. You are willing to destroy democracy just for a few extra bucks. Yes people will watch Trump because he lies and says outrageous things. He made you tons of money on Apprentice and you keep scratching his back. Shame on you. For 20 years I have watched NBC Nightly News , SNL and Meet the Press. I am now watching ABC at 6:30 PM and Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning. I will have to watch highlights of SNL on You Tube. Why do you want to polarize people. If you had done a different time slot then voters could have watched both. But you made them choose so Trump supporters only listened to their God as they get to do every night on Fox. Those people never get to hear Biden because in debates he is always interrupted. The only good news for you in that Savanah did a good job. And what about the placement of the African-American woman in virtually every frame behind Trump. She is a solid pro Trump who nodded yes to everything he said and gave thumbs up at one point. Why did yiou use that camera angle 80% of the time – move the bloody camera

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Suggested solution:

Have your billionaire owner make a donation of all the profits you got from your stupid act to BLM. I will not be watching NBC again

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