Complaint: Shaming Presidential Race in 2020

on 05 November 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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Dear SirMadame,

I am a United States citizen. I want to file a complaint against the media and the Democrat for being unfair to President Trump in the beginning when he took the office back in 2016.

Back in 2016, the Democrat and the media tried to tied President Trump to Russian by accused him got the help from the Russian to win the presidential race in 2016 which turned out to be untrue and unethical.

In 2020, here we go again, the Democrat playing dirty politic by tied President Trump to the pandemic and blaming him for not do enough for the people during the pandemic, which is untrue. President Trump and his administration sent out the stimulus pandemic monetary to help the people back in March for the amount of $1,200.00. President Trump also send the request to the Congress stimulus monetary pandemic relief package but I heard that it was sitting there without being look at. The Democrat delaying the approval for the second pandemic stimulus package process just to make President Trump look like a horrible President. Later on, they went on air told lies to their constituents that President Trump ignoring get the help that people’s needs during the pandemic time, which is untrue.

President and his medical team came out with the COVID-19 vaccine, guess what? The Democrat and the media immediately telling the people that this vaccines only passed the 3rd stage and not good enough, while this vaccine had helped President Trump get back to healthy when he got the virus. The Democrat went on air telling the people that the President have not come up with any plan to cure the Corona Virus, which is untrue.

I want to see the media and the Republican Party do investigating on how and why the Corona Virus happened exactly at the time of the presidential race and not before or after the race?

The reason I ask the media and the Republican do further investigation into this COVID-19 case because I am worry that the China communist try to help the Democrat win the race so they planned the virus. Once the virus got into the United States, the Democrat have a chance to use the pandemic for their theme by accused President Trump for not handing the pandemic. This is one of a silent, dangerous and deadly presidential race interference from China communist did to our country.

The polling is not accurate at all because I saw more red than blue on the polling map, but why the result turned out that Mr. Biden have better score than President Trump? On the election night I watched that President Trump have much more votes in PA, VA, GA and some major states but when I woke up the next morning, I saw the Mr. Biden have more votes, this doesn’t sound right to me at all. I have a feeling that the Democrat people have been cheated on the votes count and the polling.

When the Democrat telling the voters that President Trump is a racist, but turned out they’re the real racist ones because why they called one place in Washington DC as “Black Lives Matter Plaza” only and where is “Asian or European Lives Matter Plaza”????

This is not the way to run the presidential race because if the Democrat win, then there will not be a victory because they’re cheating their way to the Whitehouse.

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They should do investigating on why, who’s behind it and how The COVID-19 appeared in the United States at the same time of President race going? Why the vaccine cured President Trump from COVID-19 but the Democrat keep telling the people that this vaccine only passed stage 3 of the vaccine and why they hold the second pandemic stimulus package, is this all because they want to play dirty politic in the hope to steal the Whitehouse from President Trump? I need the answer from the above questions.

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