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on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I am so sorry you did not have the chance to work with Savannah before last night’s town hall meeting with President Trump. First of all, her hair was not done, and she looked like a wet rag. Her make-up was just awful, put on quite thick as if she was a trollup. Her choice in hot pink outfit was in keeping with a streetwalker in high black heels. I would have thought the network bosses would have liked to have seen Savannah look smart, attractive, and studious or professorial versus this look of wet rag tart.

Second, Savannah acted like a rabid dog. Ask a question, and one usually waits to hear the answer. She interrupted as soon as the President began to answer. She was imperious, sanctimonious, rude, and utterly disrespectful to his Office. If you watched CBS, George Stepanopoulos was very decent to Mr. Biden and treated him with courtesy and waited to hear Mr. Biden’s answers before asking the next question. Even friendly conversation ensued. What Savannah hosted was nowhere near a Town Hall meeting. It was disgraceful and embarrassing for her and for NBC.

Lastly, and most importantly, I believe Savannah just handed Trump the election. Her behavior showed the viewers exactly what he always describes as the fake media, and her ferocity was inescapable. She may believe she was the cat, plying a mouse; but I am afraid she has lost the battle on behalf of those who want Mr. Biden to win. She embarrassed herself, the media, and she embarrassed you at NBC.

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Suggested solution:

Personally, I would fire Savannah if Trump wins the election. Make it known that she is accountable for her actions. I have never been a fan of hers since she was pregnant, a national news anchor, and someone that women and young girls would tend to look up to in terms of career and success stories. She was embarrassing in her situation at one of the most important desks in the world of news. I turned of TODAY back then and have not returned.

There are plenty of good people who can fill her shoes and do a great job. Savannah needs to go.

Thank you for listening -- I am heartsick over her actions, and I know you will be as well on November 3rd.

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