Complaint: Saturday Night Live: Horrendous Jim Carrey Biden Impression.

on 18 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Fan if the show since 1970’s. I’ve stuck with you but am finally ready to quit you. The writing regarding Biden is incredibly unfunny and offensive. Turning Biden into a doddery old buffoon or toothless old Mr. Rodgers is all the depth you could come up with? PLUS your choice of Carrey makes me SICK. What a creep. He is doing his old Fire Marshall Bill impression vacillating between that and his Mask character. Too broad and muggy, no nuance. The Savannah Guthrie character was at least thought out and smart. Plus what is this obsession with Making Kamala the only grown up–and also putting her in every sketch the Biden character is in? Especially where she has no reason to be there. You bring her in and it kills any rhythm you hoped to build. Nothing clever, nothing inspired. The writing this year stinks. I’ve never been so disgusted–and I’ve hung in there with you guys a looong time. besides the Biden cold open, you gave Issa nothing funny to say. The new hires are unfunny and weak, like gargling with dirty bathwater.

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Suggested solution:

Get rid of Carrey. I mean, now, before he puts the nail in the coffin. Admit you made a mistake hiring him. Nobody likes this guy, nobody, and the only schtick he has is old, tired, offensive and crushingly unfunny. Rework the writers room. Get whoever you can to save this show, because if you don't, I don't see another year for the show. If you are trying to kill the show? Great job! See. Even I can write a joke funnier than anything you did last night.

Also, why is Mooney still on? Puleeze.

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Meg (@guest_2225)
1 month ago

I agree that the portrayal of Biden is indeed offensive ageist and not funny! The writing for his character is terrible. I don’t know if this is Jim Carey adlibbing or horrible script. I actually think Maya was the saving grace but not enough to save. This is the second time for a full nasty Obnoxious Biden portrayal- you can do better !!!