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We are sick and tired of tuning in to a show we have really enjoyed since its first season and, in the past several weeks, had to turn it off because of the offensive programming. 1) We turn on the show and immediately see the naked bodies of two gay men in bed having sex – DISGUSTING!!!! If we want porn, we know where to find it and it shouldn’t be on Prime-Time TV!! 2) This is supposed to be a fictional medical hospital show NOT a political opinion platform! If we want politics, we know where to find them! BUT, if we want good, engaging TV programming, we are now not so sure where to find it. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, NBC!!! We really looked forward each week to watching the characters and action on New Amsterdam. Now that has been taken away from us!! I’m sure your advertisers love hearing that people are turning off the show they are spending millions to advertise on.

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Get their writers heads out of the gutter, and political arena, and have them do actual creative writing instead of just taking the easy route and writing trash about whatever happens to be trending in the news. Bottom line - we want creative, engaging story lines about what the show is branded to be - life in a NYC Hospital.

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Jim Connell
Jim Connell (@guest_3002)
15 days ago

New Amsterdam – The last episode with the two men in bed having sec caused me to turn off my automatic recording of New Amsterdam this week. This was our most favorite show on TV but we are gone. Makes me sad that writers have to resort to this. I’m telling all of my friends about this even if they don’t watch.

N Thompson
N Thompson (@guest_3032)
9 days ago

I too have been turned off by content of “”New Amsterdam “ the last several weeks. Have no desire to watch any longer.