Complaint: New Amsterdam episode April 13,2021

on 15 April 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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We are disgusted that you opened this episode with a homosexual love scene. You have ruined this excellent series for millions of your viewers. We’ll no longer be watching

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Bob Smith
Bob Smith (@guest_2935)
21 days ago

I agree totally. If LGBT does make up 3.5% of US Population, why do you continue to overwhelm your viewers with these type of episodes. I have watched three shows tonight and all of them promoted this lifestyle. Please stop or at least keep it propionate in %. That is reasonable are you?

Roz (@guest_2982)
16 days ago
Reply to  Bob Smith

I also am disappointed majorly of April 15 episode. I was just bragging that it was a classy show but after this, it is surely not. I do not need to see this with either sex, too much is too much! I get idea, don’t need graphic visualization. Do you think the public is that stupid?

Kathy Gallagher
Kathy Gallagher (@guest_2969)
19 days ago

I so agree New Amsterdam was one of my very favorite TV shows . A very large majority Of the US culture still believe in Christian biblical values. The program would have been equally as interesting without the gay sex or any sex that explicit . So I will no longer be able to tune into this program. I have gay relatives who I am friendly with . It does not mean I want to see them engage in sex in front of me. I have an idea . How about just take all the sex scenes out of the… Read more »

somebody (@guest_3116)
1 day ago

well tonight on may 4 i was blinded by the 3 way homosexual situation still has nothing to do with the storyline. pathetic thought i would give the show another chance after deleting all episodes from my dvr , i did not watch last week because of the gay sex scene i just turned it off and watch the CW go figure its all about the gay situation, im sick of it all.

James Jensen
James Jensen (@guest_2983)
16 days ago

First, if you want to be gay go for it. I don’t care if other people are gay and believe they should have all the rights that everyone else does. However, I am not entertained by watching two men go at it. It is repulsive. I can support gay rights without watching something that makes me puke in my mouth a little. This is NBC, not HBO! Even a man and a woman doing that on screen shouldn’t be displayed like that on NBC. I turned off the episode after a couple of seconds and will not watch again. I… Read more »

somebody (@guest_3115)
1 day ago

i am also discusted with the raunchy gay/homosexual situations that have nothing to do with the show story line

Laveda (@guest_3117)
1 day ago

That was a good a wholesome show and you have allowed the devil who comes to steal kill and destroy everything good.
you will pay spiritually for allowing it

Hoovers (@guest_3118)
1 day ago

I totally agree that the gay sex scenes on New Amsterdam has went to far. This used to be an awesome family show. Not anymore. I will no longer be watching. NBC clean up your act or you’ll lose more viewers.

Jan masom
Jan masom (@guest_3126)
16 hours ago

You’ve lost me as a viewer after the above program and now the one on last nights episode ( 5/4). It was a great show…but, no more.

Fred Snyder
Fred Snyder (@guest_3129)
13 hours ago

This show has lost my family as viewers. You have gone off the “woke” edge

Somebody (@guest_3133)
9 hours ago

I find the show has become morally irresponsible. Too many gays and too explicit for prime time. Your writers have lost the plot. I’m tuning out.

Hadassah (@guest_3134)
9 hours ago

What a vile scene. I agree the agenda is being shoved down our throats but I have NEVER seen such a graphic scene on television before!!