Complaint: New Amsterdam episode April 13,2021

on 15 April 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

We are disgusted that you opened this episode with a homosexual love scene. You have ruined this excellent series for millions of your viewers. We’ll no longer be watching

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Bob Smith
Bob Smith (@guest_2935)
1 year ago

I agree totally. If LGBT does make up 3.5% of US Population, why do you continue to overwhelm your viewers with these type of episodes. I have watched three shows tonight and all of them promoted this lifestyle. Please stop or at least keep it propionate in %. That is reasonable are you?

Roz (@guest_2982)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Smith

I also am disappointed majorly of April 15 episode. I was just bragging that it was a classy show but after this, it is surely not. I do not need to see this with either sex, too much is too much! I get idea, don’t need graphic visualization. Do you think the public is that stupid?

Kathy Gallagher
Kathy Gallagher (@guest_2969)
1 year ago

I so agree New Amsterdam was one of my very favorite TV shows . A very large majority Of the US culture still believe in Christian biblical values. The program would have been equally as interesting without the gay sex or any sex that explicit . So I will no longer be able to tune into this program. I have gay relatives who I am friendly with . It does not mean I want to see them engage in sex in front of me. I have an idea . How about just take all the sex scenes out of the… Read more »

somebody (@guest_3116)
1 year ago

well tonight on may 4 i was blinded by the 3 way homosexual situation still has nothing to do with the storyline. pathetic thought i would give the show another chance after deleting all episodes from my dvr , i did not watch last week because of the gay sex scene i just turned it off and watch the CW go figure its all about the gay situation, im sick of it all.

James Jensen
James Jensen (@guest_2983)
1 year ago

First, if you want to be gay go for it. I don’t care if other people are gay and believe they should have all the rights that everyone else does. However, I am not entertained by watching two men go at it. It is repulsive. I can support gay rights without watching something that makes me puke in my mouth a little. This is NBC, not HBO! Even a man and a woman doing that on screen shouldn’t be displayed like that on NBC. I turned off the episode after a couple of seconds and will not watch again. I… Read more »

somebody (@guest_3115)
1 year ago

i am also discusted with the raunchy gay/homosexual situations that have nothing to do with the show story line

george (@guest_4591)
4 months ago
Reply to  somebody

the word is disgusted……get some education, bigot.

Laveda (@guest_3117)
1 year ago

That was a good a wholesome show and you have allowed the devil who comes to steal kill and destroy everything good.
you will pay spiritually for allowing it

Hoovers (@guest_3118)
1 year ago

I totally agree that the gay sex scenes on New Amsterdam has went to far. This used to be an awesome family show. Not anymore. I will no longer be watching. NBC clean up your act or you’ll lose more viewers.

Jan masom
Jan masom (@guest_3126)
1 year ago

You’ve lost me as a viewer after the above program and now the one on last nights episode ( 5/4). It was a great show…but, no more.

Fred Snyder
Fred Snyder (@guest_3129)
1 year ago

This show has lost my family as viewers. You have gone off the “woke” edge

Somebody (@guest_3133)
1 year ago

I find the show has become morally irresponsible. Too many gays and too explicit for prime time. Your writers have lost the plot. I’m tuning out.

Hadassah (@guest_3134)
1 year ago

What a vile scene. I agree the agenda is being shoved down our throats but I have NEVER seen such a graphic scene on television before!!

Debra P
Debra P (@guest_3165)
1 year ago

And also May 4th episode as well with two woman physicians. Although my husband and I enjoy watching this TV series, we’re opting out and will no longer be watching. NBC your TV shows and the producers and writers appear so desperate, bending to be culturally popular instead of appealing neutrally to ALL viewers. You should have more confidence in your story lines because most of them are excellent but the last few episodes have been disappointing Good luck!

Mike Alexander
Mike Alexander (@guest_4140)
7 months ago
Reply to  Debra P

The Black Lives Matter, fixing global warming, changing the name of the hospital is too much. Stopped watching tonight. Deleted all shows on DVR.

Sometimes (@guest_3188)
1 year ago

I agree with everybody. I watch this program on Hulu. This show was (past tense) good but there are ridiculously too many gay scenes and it does not reflect the percentage of gay people in our society! You are trying to be overly politically correct. And whose viewership are you trying to gain? I won’t watch anymore. As soon as I see a gay scene I turn it off. So far the last few episodes I can’t get past the intro. Absolutely stupid!

Last edited 1 year ago by Sometimes
Patty (@guest_3217)
1 year ago

I agree with the majority here! This was an absolutely great show! I loved the “how can I help” image & all but all the gay sex scenes are way too much! If people choose this lifestyle that’s their choice as much as being heterosexual, but we don’t need to “watch” it! TV values have declined so much! It seems almost anything is acceptable anymore whether it’s sex or profanity. It seems that even commercials are getting away with revealing so much, such as the shaving of pubic hair… I can’t imagine what families watch with their children anymore. I… Read more »

Kelly (@guest_3297)
11 months ago

I love the gay scenes! Keep. Em. Coming!!!!

Willing Williams
Willing Williams (@guest_3351)
11 months ago

I completely agree. Too bad I thought it had good story lines even though I didn’t always agree. It did a good job showing another side to some issues in our country. But too much of the gay sex scenes. I have decided to stop watching.

P.Z. (@guest_3676)
10 months ago

It’s bad enough that every single show I watch Has to have at least one gay or bisexual character in it. Having a opening scene with A very visible homosexual encounter is absolutely not necessary! And now you’re going down this road with Lauren too! I think I’m done with the show 🙁

chuck (@guest_4166)
7 months ago

I stopped watching before, tried watching again this season, same shit. LGBT must be paying the writers big money.

Gerald Ponder
Gerald Ponder (@guest_4173)
7 months ago

I liiked this show since episode one but you have lost me. Your show is now all about gays and homosexuality. Clearly the creators are pretty damn dumb. I hope you end up being cancelled.

jana (@guest_4858)
3 months ago

This program is trying to be something to everyone and it’s not working. You have gays, lesbians, trans, mixed races, muslims…….
We’ve discontinue watching.

Vijay Kapoor
Vijay Kapoor (@guest_5010)
1 month ago

No surprise that NBC would pump this kind of crap out. Nothing But Communism network. All woke bullshit. Every liberal, progressive issue is the focus of every episode. Stopped watching. No more Hollywood propaganda.