Complaint: Michael Che spread vicious lie as joke

on 22 February 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Michael Che’s “joke” on 22021 SNL, regarding Israel’s COVID vaccine program, spread a vicious anti Semitic lie. By “joking” that Israel vaccinated only the Jews in Israel, Che spread the lie of Israel being a racist state, an apartheid state and, by extension, made Jews everywhere guilty of that racism. Factually, Israel is ahead of the curve in their vaccine program, vaccinating the population regardless of race, religion or gender, or sexual orientation, or any other measure. In fact, Israel is supplying Gaza with vaccines, despite it being the responsibility of the Palestinian government to maintain health and medical services for its population- as agreed by mutually signed agreements.

Let’s put this in different terms, would Jewish Lives Matter be tolerated as a movement? Not for a second. Would a Jewish, white comedian retain his employment after making some remark about looters being black? Even as a joke?

Get rid of him. Keeping him, after previous “don’t tuck don’t tell” remarks, and after this, makes you complicit in his lies, homophobia, and antsemitism.

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Suggested solution:

Fire Michael Che publicly, after his public apology.

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