Complaint: Holding Dish and it’s customers hostage!

on 28 January 2022 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

We have had Dish for many years now and it seems like over the years, NBC and other networks have used unfair practices and charge outrageous prices for their services. NBC is a Network channel and should not be used for bargaining with other providers. This year, 2022, NBC gained the right to show the Super Bowl and ever since October of 2021, their channel is not available to Dish customers. All TV services are very expensive as it is, and Dish is doing their part to not raise their customer’s rates anymore than they already are. Not so with NBC. They are not playing fair and their ploy of using Sunday night football and the super bowl for ransom, is reprehensible. I’m amazed that NBC, who has been around for so long is using this kind of tactic to make more money. Why is it that none of the other networks are doing this? They seem to have worked out a contract with Dish and either you can’t or won’t.

Suggested solution:

They need to settle with Dish immediately, allowing millions of Americans to watch the Super Bowl. And they shouldn't charge an arm and a leg, forcing Dish to raise their rates.

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