Complaint: Disrespect and Combativeness Toward The President

on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Savannah Guthrie was very rude, combative and impolite during her interview with the President. She was abrasive, condescending and disrespectful. I now have less enthusiasm for watching a network which I grew up with since the early 1960’s. I understand that her origins are Australian. History reveals that Australia was established as a penal colony for the British Empire. Do not come to this country and attempt to impugn the President to advance your liberal agenda.

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Suggested solution:

This lady should never be selected to moderate a forum again. Why did you not use Lester Holt, the anchor for the nightly news? One could arrive at the conclusion that this is some orchestrated, calculated, manipulated, historical bullshit where you have to have a white man or white woman in front of the camera for esoteric and national consumption purposes. What you have done, however, is lose credibility. Now you have empirical data as to why your ratings are tanking. Your efforts to advance your agenda are obvious.
Because of bullshit like this. Mind you, this affront crosses racial, socioeconomic and class boundaries. People are not stupid, and can see BS at least a mile away. NBC, CNN, et al., you have abandoned reporting the news in favor of attempting to shape opinion. I will not mourn your demise into oblivion

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