Complaint: blacks and minorities on tv vs percent of population

on 19 March 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I see a lot of black and minorities on your tv station does not reflect the true appointment of acting and the population per cents of. Why are you not following the true percent of it. You might have 3 blacks and 2 white but this is not the true demographists of the population. You always give a slant of this on tv. And by the way i have tried watching the morning show but am absolute sick of the tear jerking and playing off emotions that i do not watch it. Your programing is not what it used to be and your taking sides. This is not fair and i as a white person feel slighted by your programming. Why are you afraid to tell it like it is and always taking the minority side of things. And don’t you dare call me a racists. I don’t watch NBC anyhow.

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Suggested solution:

Hire and show the real population percentages of real people not hand picked minorities which you favor

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