Complaint: Claims won’t pay for damages done by their policy holder

on 13 June 2022 about Nationwide Insurance in category Insurance Companies

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My complaint:

A Nationwide policy holder rear ended me and then he lied to the police and made a false claim with Nationwide to try to shift the blame on me. Traffic was slowing down on the freeway due to being in rush hour traffic. I was braking for a long time before I saw traffic slowing down. I realized I was still going too fast, so I then slammed on my brakes narrowly missing a stopped car in front of me. Nationwide’s policy holder claims that when he saw me braking, he changed lanes and then he claims I swerved into his lane causing the accident. The truth is he was following too close and wasn’t paying attention that traffic was slowing down.

He saw me at the last second and swerved trying to miss me, but he was going too fast, so he hit me. I never changed lanes. In so many ways it’s obvious that it was Nationwide’s policy holder’s fault, but they refuse to look at it. They refuse to take responsibility. They want to see it their way and refuse to look at the facts objectively. The police officer that did the police report agreed with me that I gave the true story, but Nationwide is refusing to accept the police report. They twisted the statement on the police report by claiming that the police officer didn’t agree with me. They will do whatever they can even if it means twisting the truth to not have to pay a claim.

Suggested solution:

I would like them to pay for the damages caused by their policy holder.

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