NASCAR complaint: Singing of the National Anthem on 7/9/2023 Atlanta Motor Speedway

Complaint from upthecreekdick reported on 10 July 2023 about NASCAR

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My complaint:

As a disabled Vietnam veteran watching the 3 young black ladies sing the National Anthem was thee most disgusting, unprofessional performance of our anthem I have ever witnessed. If this is the highest caliber of performers that NASCAR can put on a live performance, then it doesn’t say much for NASCAR.. Our National Anthem should be played or sang in a respectful manner without vocal inflection to make the Anthem their own personal rendition. NASCAR should step up to the plate in regards to how the National Anthem (Will) be sung at all NASCAR events. Military bands and quite a few solo singers do a outstanding job when performing the National Anthem. The 3 young black ladies failed miserably on July 9th!!!!! They were not there to audition but to sing our Nation Anthem. Shame on them and shame on you for letting this happen. No longer a NASCAR fan !!!! I will spread the word on Social media !!!!! O say can you see ?????? Respectfully: Richard A Hubalek

Suggested solution:

Demand performers sing the National Anthem in a respectful manner.

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