MSNBC complaint: Poor Captioining

Complaint from Dower1945 reported on 23 March 2023 about MSNBC

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My complaint:

Lately, I’ve noticed extremely poor or non-existant closed captioning on your news programs. It lalso ooks like you’ve switched from live captioning to auto-generated captions. Garbled captiins make your screen look bad everywhere they appear. I switched to CNN this morning.

Suggested solution:

Fix the captions.

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Chris (@guest_6600)
1 year ago

My mother loves MSNBC AND is deaf and depends on captioning that is in sync and accurate. Lately, you’re feeding her partial captioning, late or no captioning, or gibberish. What’s happening?

Mary Froman
Mary Froman (@guest_6608)
1 year ago

Yes it is terrible. No cationing on Morning Joe. This evening running way behind. We both need cc. This is our station of choice but we need it so we have to leave.