MSNBC complaint: Hamas and Israeli coverage of hostilities.

Complaint from M. Monroe reported on 26 January 2024 about MSNBC

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My complaint:

Good Day:

Yesterday, on MSNBC, there was a video showing a small group of Palestinians holding a white flag and wanting to travel to get their families. Then a shot rang out and one Palestinian is dead. The shot is implied that an Israeli shot the man. The other men in the group pick up the deceased and carry him away emotionless. They showed no fear of being shot and they did not seek shelter. Their behavior seemed staged. A close up of the dead man had blood smeared, not splatter, on his face. This reporting is typical of Hamas’ propaganda and distorts how Americans view the Hamas-Israeli war and Jews.

Please verify reports from Gaza and identify if the reporter is neutral or bias.

Thank you,

M. Monroe

Suggested solution:

Verification of reports from Gaza and Israel

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