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I Mervin Lorenza Caston my MDOC is 219745 is filing complaint against the following employees of MDOC Agent Dawson (probation officer of Tunica County Clarksdale Ms.)
Agent Hunter Of Tunica County (Supervisor Of Agent Dawson probation officer of Tunica County Clarksdale Ms.)
Detective Bryan Andrews(Sex Offender Officer Of DeSoto County Hernando Ms.)
Agent Marcus Nolan ( Probation Officer of DeSoto County Hernando Ms.)
Mrs. Grays ( Supervisor who is over Agent Marcus Nolan of DeSoto County Hernando Ms.)
This complaint is filed against them do to them constantly harrassing me and not only me making threats to my wife. Every time I try to get a job to work to pay my fines and live my life with my wife children Agent Marcus Nolan would call Detective Bryan Andrews of Her ando Ms. To lock me up under false statements. It has caused so many problems to my children, wife other family members.i feel I can’t live my life with out them constantly harrassing me. I have been reporting as I should to my probation officer, even been showing that I make payments on my fines . It’s hard for me to even survive out in the world because they want even give me a chance to live my life as a hard working man to my family all because I was framed of a charge of Child Explotation back in 2017 of something DeSoto County put on me , when I was only was supposed to have been charged with Public Indicidty and a DUI but instead I was charged with something I never heard of or even committed . I felt so hurt by it all as well as it took a tole on my wife and kids. The arresting officer at that time was Detective Matthew Defore of Southaven Ms. Which is DeSoto County. I ask that you all please investigate this matter. I am most definitely a innocent man. I was taking into the station back in 2017 or 2018 and was told to unzip my bottom for a picture at the Southaven Ms. Police station as I was intoxicated and was very unaware of what was going on and what was being done to me during the time of that arrest. I was going back and fourth to court my wife and I untill we waited a hold year or so on this case only for Detective Matthew Defore to type it up saying I was on craigslist as he was pretending to be a 14 year old child of saying that I wanted to endure in a sexual activity with her something i had no clue of . Detective Matthew Defore then proceeded to take pictures of closed condoms that me and my wife had in the vehicle for awhile when we first met which they were old and a picture with his cellphone laying flat for evidence because Detective Matthew Defore had no proof besides what he took a hold year or so to type up. My life hasn’t been the same sense . My children and family hasn’t had no proper rest nor sleep sense I am constantly being harassed by these following employees above. I never in my life had a Child Explotation charge. I couldn’t even begin to even think of touching any child . I have kids on my own and I am very protective of them . It would hurt my soul to see any child for threw something ridiculous like that. I love children and my children too much I would never harm any child. My wife and I been married 11 hold years even before this matter. Now I feel like the world is on my shoulder everyday I cry out for someone to help me and my family on what we going threw . Even my wife for which I found out she has cervical cancer and diabetes which I how to be back and forth to the hospital when she gets sick. All these employees above knew of this matter. I served 3 innocent years of my life in Parchment jail for that charge and when I got out I was then placed on papers for five years of only reporting with no house arrest no monitor . As soon as I was released in August of 2021 which I believe was the 26th day I registered as a sex offender and they released me to my wife at the same house we had before these charges came about . I wasn’t told that I couldn’t live at that address of Farley Drive South Olive Branch Ms until I was told by the sex offender officer Bryant Andrews and he was aware of that but still allowed me to be there with my wife and kids because we are legally married. In 2022 my wife received a knock on our door at that address from sex offender officer Bryant Andrews stating to move we couldn’t understand why when we had been living in our home here in Olive Branch Ms of DeSoto County for 8 years with no problems with our kids. So my wife and I started to seek other options on moving but we couldn’t afford to at the moment which sex offender officer Bryant Andrews was aware of this and I then asked my sis in law to live there at her address in Olive Branch Ms. Which was the 10271 Chateau address in Olive Branch which caused me to be separated from my wife and kids in our own home . It put me in a stressful situation because I not only as a married man was forced to move but had to move in on my sis in law and her boyfriend and her children but couldn’t be with my own family. It hurts me so bad as well as it hurt my children . I did everything I was asked to do and everytime I do right the employees above wouldn’t allow me to be happy with my family or even allow me to work a job long enough to pay any fines . I am blessed to have my wife because she gets me threw these difficult times . My wife made sure my fines were paid and even on time , untill they kept harrassing me and making my wife constantly bail me out on the same bond for the same exact charges which is failure to register when I am registered and I am truly updated on it, as well as on time with it. I couldn’t take it no more so I reported it constantly to MDOC of Jackson Ms. I spoke with the employees above supervisors before making that call nothing changed so I had no other choice but to report the issue again no one done anything about it. I pray to God everyday of my life he help me and my family, or someone hear my story because not every man is a rapist. Being charged and harrassed on by something you know u didn’t commit is a hard pill to swallow it hurts that bad. And how to wake up every day looking over your shoulders knowing that they calling every minute or at your door all because of the way I am being judged . Anybody can take a picture of a cellphone and closed condoms and type up false paperwork but where is a body or a call in of a sexual report. I am suffering from PTSD from when I was in the military and to add on this problem from them is too much for anyone to handle. I just want to be able to live a regular life as I deserve to live with my wife and children who needs me in their life. I am filing these complaint because all these employees I named above are working together against me and how because I transferred my address to Tunica County of Ms. To live with my mother in law because P.O officer Agent Marcus Nolan of Hernando Ms. Kept having me arrested for failure to register every time I would make a payment on my fine due to the report my wife put in on him for stalking her on Facebook as well as making flirting moves towards her when she was asked to come into the Hernando Ms P.O. office by him when I was locked up , but he wouldn’t allow her in that office when I was reporting twice a month. And I was told by P.O officer Agent Marcus Nolan that everytime my wife reports him or so it’s going to make it harder on me and that I would be punished for all my wife done far as reporting it to the sheriff department, so when my wife did things got worser. My wife started to feel very uncomfortable. So P.O officer Agent Marcus Nolan then contacted my new P.O officer of Tunica Ms. Which is Agent Dawson of Tunica County who also works in the office of Clarksdale Ms. About us before I even met Agent Dawson . Agent Marcus Nolan then begin contacting Agent Dawson constantly privately about my wife and I which caused my P.O. now Agent Dawson to harrass me everyday far as watching me on a monitor that I wasn’t court ordered to be on but only to be put on to bond out which my wife bonded me out . The monitor wasn’t placed on me in court but was placed on me in Hernando Ms. P.O office and I was told by a Mr. Welch to wear it until I go back to court but still no curfew until Agent Dawson told me to be in at 12 a.m to 6a.m but yet wasn’t court ordered by a judge but yet I still maintain it but everytime I get out to do things with my wife or my kids or even travel to places with my wife in the state of Mississippi Agent Dawson would call my phone every minute on a minute or every other day even when In the mist of me getting a job. So I reported her to her supervisor Agent Hunter of Tunica County of Mississippi and was told to file a complaint on her because she shouldn’t be calling me every day or so when she have me to report every Wednesday when I was only reporting twice a week when I was assigned to DeSoto County Hernando Ms before transferring to her (Agent Dawson of Tunica County) things keep getting worser now that I reported her she then contacted the sex offender officer Bryant Andrews of Hernando Ms . that I use to be under who was in on constantly arresting me because of Agent Marcus Nolan issues amongst the report my wife put on him so I feel as if
its retaliation against me every time I would speak to someone over those employees above. My wife and I went to do some shopping and our kids needed food so my wife went to check on them because we left the house for our kids to live in. As I was at a gas station in d area my wife gets a call from our daughter stating sex offender officer Bryant Andrews threatened her stating if I was in the home she will be going down as a felony as well as Agent Dawson of Tunica County who came in her MDOC vihecle right along with another Tunica County P.O Officer which was Agent Atkins of Tunica County they all then tried to proceed they wat into the home forcefully on my children which scared them and which they were surrounding the home but there was no police cars but only their private cars as detective Bryan Andrews was in his black vihecle SUV or so , as they arrested me at Exon gas station I was arrested not by my p.o officer Agent Dawson she stood there and allow the other p.o officer of Tunica County which was Agent Atkins to put cuffs on me then proceeded to give me to the arms of the same man who worked together with Agent Marcus Nolan of DeSoto County which was sex offender officer Bryant Andrews of Hernando Ms. Without reading me my right nor to why I was being arrested other than being told by my p.o officer Agent Dawson I was arrested by I reported her to her supervisor so she then told sex offender officer Bryant Andrews to lock me up for failure to register again. Nothing ísnt being done about the harrassment of this all and my wife was told by Agent Dawson ….y’all called my supervisor! So now I am locked again for failure to register when I am registered. My wife has reported this matter as well to MDOC to contact someone over them and she reached out to Tony Harris who said to be over the Tunica County area of P.O officers or so but reached out to a agent Bryant Bracey or so which who she was transferred to because Tony Harris was not in so he took the complaint to turn in for my wife. Now I am incarcerated in Hernando ms.Jail waiting to go to court when I just went to court this month of September 2022 the 30th day on Friday and was told by Judge Chatham assistant Mrs. Susan of Hernando Ms. that the monitor was supposed to been tooling off in May when I bond out because it wasn’t court ordered but was placed on by a Mr . Welch at the p.o office of Hernando Ms. I went to get it off like I was told by d court because the judge couldn’t remove it do to it wasn’t court order. But when I went to get it off I was giving the run around by Agent Nolan and his supervisor Mrs. Grays of Hernando Ms. and also stated from them Mr. Welch no longer works there in that office with them so they wouldn’t take it off. Please help me with this matter. I now have a pointed attorney which I was appointed too and have a court date coming up soon for the pain and stress they all are causing me my wife my children and family . Now my inmate ID number while I am in Hernando Ms jail of DeSoto County is 167600 they even charged me for fugitive of justice which I never left the state of Mississippi and never was a runner but was told I will always be a sex offender by Detective sex offender officer Bryant Andrews. That hurts me more than anything in this world because I know that’s not what I am in the eye of the Lord.
P.s I also have many witnesses as well if needed.

Suggested solution:

Please solve my complaint by taking the time out to investigate on this matter of retaliation against me as a married man , a family man as a father most importantly.

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