MeTV complaint: Jackson Hewitt commercial

Complaint from Metv customer reported on 19 January 2023 about MeTV

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My complaint:

The commercial says WHAT THE BUCK! It’s in bad taste for kids to see. It sounds like they are saying the F word! Kids are repeating it thinking they are cute but actually they are being rude! We parents try to raise our kids to be respectful but that commercial isnt!
Please re-think about putting that off your channel or re-do it!
It’s hard enough raising kids these days, Jackson Hewitt could lose business over this lack of respect commercial…

Suggested solution:

Re-do the commercial or take it off the air! Jackson Hewitt needs to be respectful of all people, especially their customers with kids!
I won't use them till they re-think of a better commercial.

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Mercy (@guest_6094)
10 months ago

Totally agree! Horrible commercial, will not get my business, what the Buck??!!

Vicki McWhorter
Vicki McWhorter (@guest_6097)
10 months ago

I agree, this commercial is unsuited for television. Jackson Hewitt is a well respected company and should rethink the wording of this message as it shows lack of creativity on their part.

Wanda Surrency
Wanda Surrency (@guest_6302)
10 months ago

Vicki McWhorter, I agree. It shows lack of creativity and lack of respect towards us viewers.

Sharon Rasco
Sharon Rasco (@guest_6099)
10 months ago

I agree! Please change it!

Shelby Gandy
Shelby Gandy (@guest_6100)
10 months ago

Yes when I hear this commercial I want to throw up.little kids hear this what the buck but sounds like the f word.I’m sure when this commercial was made they knew exactly what it sounded like .Dear God people have enough problem with kids now and you come along and make it worse shame on you and I’m not the only one thinks it’s trashy

Moe (@guest_6102)
10 months ago

I so agree and thank you for posting this complaint. Not to mention JH looks VERY unprofessional. It’s vulgar. Think the world has enough vulgarity to go around, don’t need to hear this kind of nonsense during commercial breaks.

Blynda (@guest_6104)
10 months ago

Exactly. What on earth were y’all thinking?

Mammaw (@guest_6105)
10 months ago

Yes it’s a horrible choice for their ad! They want you to think they are saying the F word! If they won’t take it off then I’m not doing business with them. I have grandkids and I don’t want them hearing it. They sure aren’t thinking about the kids with this one!

leah (@guest_6106)
10 months ago

You’re absolutely right. If you want to call them the # is 1-800-234-1400. From the 1st menu push 0 from the 2nd menu Push 4. It’s a bit of a wait, but this was a very CRASS ad. NOT CUTE!

Melba (@guest_6109)
10 months ago

I agree with commercial not children appropriate. It’s offensive and in poor taste. Turns me off, I won’t consider them doing my taxes

Shari Hughes
Shari Hughes (@guest_6110)
10 months ago

I certainly agree. Not giving them my business!

Mary Chappell
Mary Chappell (@guest_6112)
10 months ago

when you have the ability and means to make a commercial that sells your service and this is the very best you can do it’s pathetic! Do you ever consider who might be listening.

Beverly McConnell
Beverly McConnell (@guest_6113)
10 months ago

The commercial is in bad taste. And because of it I will never use this company. To bad they choose such a gross way to advertise and now lose customers.

Reuben (@guest_6115)
10 months ago

I am definitely not using them based off of that commercial. If I have to worry about turning on a family friendly channel with my kids just to hear that garbage.. Well I will work to decampaign your company. Im only one person but if I can dessuade even just one person I would have done my job.

Mary Welshans
Mary Welshans (@guest_6116)
10 months ago

I agree! In recently hearing this commercial I was shocked thinking they would use the F WORD for their ad. Sure it gets attention but it’s the wrong attention. SO DISREPECTFUL to us viewers young & old. I decided to find out what they were actually saying & found this complaint. I hope Jackson Hewitt uses common sense & stops this awful commercial.

Edward (@guest_6143)
10 months ago

Yes this needs to be removed or rewritten. Would not use your service because of this commercial.

Skeeter (@guest_6148)
10 months ago

They won’t get my business! That commercial is in poor taste! I had to hear it several times before I knew what they were saying.

Cindy (@guest_6150)
10 months ago

I am a senior citizen, may not hear the best, but I had to Google this because I thought they WERE saying the F word.. I had to know for sure. It’s still designed to make you think that’s the word they’re saying even though they’re changing it to buck, they want you to think the F word.. I prefer to do business with companies that are more wholesome and have a better value system. I would be hesitant to do business with a company that wants their commercial focused on the F word.

Rick Finley
Rick Finley (@guest_6156)
10 months ago

Just nasty when I first heard that I couldn’t believe it

Malinda Gronewold
Malinda Gronewold (@guest_6159)
10 months ago

I find it to be irritating, irresponsible, and downright ignorant to think it is good sense or appropriate to make a commercial that is obviously substituting Buck for the “F” word. I thought they were saying the “F” word when I heard the commercial without seeing it. It is offensive and it makes me want to boycott the company and any TV App that plays it.

Donald (@guest_6403)
9 months ago

Definitely BOYCOTTING is the best option! I totally agree w you!

AF jones
AF jones (@guest_6160)
10 months ago

Totally agree. What genius thought up this commercial? You might want to get rid of whomever it was. If an owner…the company has bigger problems than commercials.

Susan Wiberg
Susan Wiberg (@guest_6170)
10 months ago

“What the buck” commercial is in poor taste, disgusting, disappointing for a professional organization. It is tasteless and completely disregards homes with children, which I would imagine is the target market. Please remove it immediately. From a look at the responses, this marketing is losing business for you. It is insulting and implies vulgarity aimed at the viewer

Donald (@guest_6402)
9 months ago
Reply to  Susan Wiberg

Excellent statement!

Terri Apple
Terri Apple (@guest_6189)
10 months ago

I agree, it makes me cringe, they want people to hear the bad word that offends me!

Glenda (@guest_6196)
10 months ago

I agree!!! Down right crude and disgusting commercial! What are you thinking Jackson Hewitt? Shame on you! Your momma’s up bringing of you, has been disrespected for your play on the “F” word.

ginger bunn
ginger bunn (@guest_6224)
10 months ago

The first few times I heard the commercial I was busy doing other thing and it caught me offhand and I really thought I heard them say the f word.
I think if they do t take it off NOW, we will have another word like friggin coming out of every young persons mouth across the globe. I would hate to be the company responsible for that. My grown teenage grandchildren don’t remember a day when that wasn’t a word. That’s sad to me. Why must these kinds of word have to be said. Stop this!!!!

Michele (@guest_6227)
10 months ago

Horrible. I will never use this business now.

Carol Jefferis
Carol Jefferis (@guest_6232)
10 months ago


Kathy S
Kathy S (@guest_6260)
10 months ago
Reply to  Carol Jefferis

Very disrespectful and nothing I want to hear on tv. TAKE IT OFF TV,KIDS HEAR THIS TOO. The company needs to put an apology on tv after taking the commercial off. Horrible

Paula (@guest_6272)
10 months ago

Worst ever commercial, I cannot even fathom that this made it through executive approval. Unless you are looking at the screen it certainly does not sound like “buck”. Extremely bad reflection of an organization attempting to get the public’s business. Won’t get ours!

Paula Herbert
Paula Herbert (@guest_6278)
10 months ago

The “buck” commercial is very offensive to me! I have a teen grandson who thinks it’s funny to go around quoting it. I’m constantly telling him it’s in very bad taste, he keeps saying it.
if your advertising agents can’t come up with something better you should fire them.

Donald (@guest_6401)
9 months ago
Reply to  Paula Herbert

I absolutely agree with you! And I did notice they changed the commercial on free and paid tv…I know that they changed the ad too late. The tv ad ran too many times and way too often to change my personal experience with my grandchildren using their “what the….BUCK?” Phrase. Too late for Jacksin Hewitt with this man and his family for generations to come.

Tom Gebhart
Tom Gebhart (@guest_6291)
10 months ago

YES!! YES!! If you are looking for advertising results in the return of sales you should remove the spot! I am a 40 yr advertising pro,,,and find the spot in poor taste,,,not targeted to the right demo & lifestyle. People are more sensitive today and nobody has a sense of humor–pull the commercial and fire whatever marketing firm suggested it. I owned a radio station in kerrville tx—THE BUCK! as many times as we tried to incorporate a cutesy,,funny play on Buck off or buck yea –it came off as tastless and I just couldn’t do the campaign. You should stop it today!!   

Name (@guest_6312)
10 months ago
Reply to  Tom Gebhart

This has nothing to so with our sense of humor.

Katheryn Hall
Katheryn Hall (@guest_6300)
10 months ago

It is one of the worse commercials . I cringe every time it comes on.. This is not appropriate for tv where any one can see it.. including children. its on regular channels so not like i can just avoid it being on.. at this point i would never use your company at least until i see them take this off. ..

Wanda Surrency
Wanda Surrency (@guest_6301)
10 months ago

Here it is Jan. 25th and you are still airing that vugar commercial. I do my own taxes presently but there is coming a day when I will probably have them done for me. This commercial certainly speaks poorly of your company and does not entice me to use Jackson Hewitt.

Patricia (@guest_6303)
10 months ago

I a. Very disgusted by their choice to air this commercial. Why stoop down to some people’s level? Have you no self-respect for you company?

Name (@guest_6311)
10 months ago

A financial institution with such a cheap advertisement. We will not be using your services.

Gene (@guest_6370)
10 months ago

It is horrible they lost my business for good.
If that shows me that they are on the ghetto side of things.

Shanna Hugie
Shanna Hugie (@guest_6424)
9 months ago

I couldn’t agree more. I’m ashamed of the so called adults that put this commercial out there. I for one will NOT do business with Jackson Hewlett