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on 27 August 2019 about Mesa Recycling LLC in category Government Services

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My complaint:

On two different occasions I went to this Scrap Metal place to recycle a few things I had in the shed, and my yard… On two separate occasions they paid me 0.03 and 0.02 for three different kinds of metal I had…. 26 cents was the first payment they gave me, and today 93 cents..
I have been to scrap things in the past, and never had this problem.. When I tried to address the issues both times the man who is responsible for weighing the scrap things ignores what you are saying…. Because I am a woman, and this place is run by two Hispanic Males..I feel they believe they have the right to cheat me… On one occasion I tried to explain myself, and the guy seemed threatening… I understand the demographics, and the way certain businesses work, but I don’t understand why these individuals believe they can cheat people. And have no repercussion…
When they did not ask for my driver’s license I guess I should of known they were shady….
I went to this business on 5302019, and 8262019… I made over a dollar for metal that was probably worth at least $25.00 dollars from the two occasions.. This company should be fined, or should have one of their female family members go there, and see how they would respond if it happened to them…
Thank You!!

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The company should be fined, or made aware of the fact that all females are not that stupid.. If their culture taught them that I respect that, but don\'t work or own a business, and use those shady practices here in America... I realize people are from different countries, but it does not give them a right to cheat any one regardless of their gender, creed, origin, color, disability...etc...
Let them take that back where they originated, and see how long they will stay in business.... They would not have half of the opportunities they have in America.... So they should be held accountable..
It is not so much the monetary aspect it bbn is the principle of the matter......
Thank You!

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