Complaint: ER Doctor Dr. Cox Gave GI Dr. Chakrala A direct Referral not an open referral

on 19 January 2021 about Medical Center Hospital Odessa in category Healthcare

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my Mother went in to the ER back in December end of November with Stomach issue it was then that her blood sugar levels high with backed in her stomach ER took care of her blockage sent her home and suggested she see primary and also follow up with a GI but not just any GI only Dr. Chakrala who was out of the country and would not be back intel Jan 18th. and had no availability intel April. Due to Dr. Cox giving Dr Chakala the GI referral no other GI would see her although they had and open schedule and were able to see her with in a weeks time. Due to this my mother has gone back to the ER more than times in one week and is now addicted to Morphine for the pain she needed to see a GI. I was told because Chakrala was her GI on file they could not see her its there policy. Although Dr Chakrala never saw my mother in ER or at hes office. my mother worked very hard to get her diet and sugar under control to rule out diabetes being an issue with her stomach blood work from primary will prove that. Primary was also waiting on Dr Chakrala to see her to get answers. so because of Dr Cox and Dr Chakrala decision and system in play for Patient’s my mother was not given a choice or picking or choosing a GI of her choice this lead to multiply visits to the ER and this turned a

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need the medical Board to investigate both Doctors if they can not take the best interest of the patients they should not be allowed to play with peoples lives. My mother is 69 and addicted to morphine because of them she went in for something completely unrelated and now this is another issue we have to deal with. this is not ok. And if legal actions is needed for this type of referral's to not happen to any one in the future some one is responsible and we did all that was asked by the ER and primary only to get held back from getting results and moving forward they managed to get a

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