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My complaint:

Dear sir
On 23022021 i visited your Milton Keynes branch at 23.36 hours
coming all the way from Manchester on a delivery my son and i were hungry.
As we pulled in it was obvious that the large van i was driving was unable to get under your barriers and having driven round the building three times we discovered your signs saying order on the app and we bring your food to you ( fantastic idea ) for vans like mine and especially in these bad times when you are unable to go into the stores.
So even though i had cash we could not pay by cash.
we ordered on the app having woken my wife at 11.30 pm ( who was not happy ) we got the car details and paid.
We then discovered HOW DO WE GET OUR ORDER ???
We then had to drive to the first order point and shout to the speaker as we could not get to close as the Hight of our van.
I explained to the woman on the cash order point we have ordered here is our order number and we will be at point 4.
I was then greeted with ( sorry we can not bring your food out this time of night you need to come round to the window ) .
After explaining five times that we can not get round to the window as our van is to big to get under the barrier.
She said my manager can not allow staff to bring any food out at this time of night so there is nothing i can do.
I replied ( ok I will walk round to the window to collect my food
NO I was told you must drive round
I replied yet again my van is to high and i will catch the roof
I was told nothing i can do then
I then replied ok I’m coming round
By this point there was at least six cars behind me and two drove away.
I managed to get my van very carefully around the outside of your building at least five feet away from the windows.
I was then greeted two cars still waiting there for food who were in front of my self a black golf and then a Vauxhall zafera who though i wanted to pass.
So now we are going on for around 20 minuets.
To my total astonishment a chap looked like the manager come out of the building and PERSONALY HANDED SOME FOOD TO THE MAN IN THE FIRST BLACK GOLF ??????
I said to my son who is standing there at the window waiting for our food ( DID YOU SEE THAT ) i thought there not allowed out this time of night????.
He said yes i did its a joke.
By this time there was a que of cars waiting for food.
We were then handed our food rather abruptly and we managed to get out carefully not to damage anything including my van.
We sat across the road on the roundabout to discover the burgers were fine but the chips cold and my milk shake virtually melted.
Having to drive back for three and half hours i just said to my son lets just go its a joke as going back to them would have taken another 45 minuets to sort out and was in a bad mood with the whole experience
so I want to know please.
If they are not allowed out alter certain hours
And also

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Suggested solution:

staff training because i dont think they have a clue at this branch

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