Complaint: Rude and unprofessiontal Mgr.

on 12 October 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Ordered a med fry. Observed someone who identified themself as manager putting my order of fries into a fry containing without gloves on and her hands were touching the fries. I asked her to put on some gloves and she told me she didn’t need glove to serve fries. And it was not necessary. I told her it would prefer she have on gloves … she gave me a cold shoulder and proceeded to place the fries in a bag and hand them to me. I told her I didn’t want them .. she said fine and literally smashed the bag into the trash can. The cashier gave me my money back and apologized. When I asked who the manager was she shouted the store number and said she was the manager. Her behavior was totally unprofessional and insulting. Do to our current health crisis … COVIT-19, it should be mandatory to wear gloves when handling food. I want to believe that McDonald is more responsible then what this young lady demonstrated.

Unfortunately I gave the receipt back to cashier to get my money back. But I have include a copy of my Walmart receipt to establish timeline.

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Suggested solution:

Council the employee and an apology for shouting and her lack of empathy in what we all know is real and extremely dangerous .... COVIT-19.

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