McDonalds complaint: Poor service, long wait time

Complaint from 3090x reported on 07 November 2023 about McDonalds

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My complaint:

Horrible service and long wait time. Everytime I come to this locations, there is always something wrong. Poor drive thru etiquette and service. I was in the left lane for 5 min and kept wondering why they took orders from the right lane. Now the next 3 cars in the right lane placed their order and finally they were taking ours. I said, did you realize you took 3 car’s orders before you checked on this lane, and he was like no I did not and I said those cars came in after I did and they all went through the right lane. Not a sorry, nothing besides such stupid comment out of his mouth. This location has zero star and if I can put in a negative rating I would. The smoothie machine is always down, and items are poorly packaged. The walk way smells of piss and it is alway dirty. If I go to a different location, I get way better service and ordered in less and 3 min from start to finish. The 72nd location always seems to have a problem. If you look at the ratings and comments, it’s horrible. I am surprised they are not reported up further or something needs to get fixed because they lose alot of business.

Suggested solution:

better service, fix the smoothie machine, better attitude, clean up and wipe down counters, have a better friendly tone when talking

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