Complaint: Lied about refunds and don’t understand how app coupons work! Rude employees and manager.

on 17 September 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Store: 420 E Capitol, Milwaukee WI   

I gave the cashier via drive-thru my phone to scan the 1 dollar large fries coupon. I specifically chose the scan at drive thru option; because I didnt place my order on the app, I placed it regularly in the drive thru. I told the cashier when I placed my order that I have the coupon. I told her once again at the window and presented the code and square scan code in the app. It was 10 minutes after I opened the coupon; I know they expire within 60 minutes. She looked at my phone and didnt say anything and took my card. Then I get the receipt and the fries were 3.09. I told her, excuse me, I dont think the coupon went through. She became IRATE with me, yelled that it DID work, I showed her my receipt and told her it didnt… she said WELL MAYBE YOU ALREADY USED IT …? No. I havent. WELL IT TAKES ONE DOLLAR OFF. …no, thats not even how the coupon works, she didnt even understand it was for 1 dollar fries, not one dollar OFF. She then slammed the window on me and walked away. Then who Im assuming is a manager came to the window and just stared at me waiting for me to talk. I explained it to her. She said WELL IT SAYS REDEEMED SO U ALREADY USED IT. I said no, it says REDEEM, as in its ready to redeem. It has not been applied to my order. She said WELL TOO BAD. I said okay, then Id like a refund please. She said WE DONT DO REFUNDS and again closed The window in my face. Awful. I got my food at the next window and left. Then I google when I got home and OF COURSE you guys will do refunds! I hadnt even gotten my food yet, I asked for the refund at the cashier window. So the manager LIED to me and they refused to use your app or even try to comprehend what the coupon was. I AM SO BLOWN AWAY by their rudeness and screaming and lies. Just awful. I request a full refund for order 1315 from merch number 329134. I have the receipt and a screenshot of the coupon that was never redeemed That I can email you if you need to see it. I either need to be fully refunded or get an electronic gift card code to use for my next visit, which definitely wont be at this specific location. They were so rude! I expect a response to this email, please and thank you. Im a loyal customer and this was just a truly rude and frustrating experience.

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Refund my money or email a gift card code for the total.

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