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on 29 July 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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went to McDonald’s at the gas station after I got done a Walmart ordered my food and the cashier seamed kinda off. I payed for it. Went to the other window and pick it up and they to was little odd .I ask them it all in the bag they said yes 20 piced chicken nuggets a double quarter pounder large fries two BBQ sauce two ranch they said yes. Well we were in the middle of doing laundry and when i got out of the car to take the food in the whole bottom of the bag was nothing but grease. All over my car . I get it into the laundry mat and we sit down to eat and he open his burger and the whole bun covered in grease the box every where . We have not eaten at McDonald’s in a long time on the account of they people you hire are getting worse . Just about all are on pot. And there is always something wrong with the food. As for the 2bbq sauce 2 ranch I didn’t get that i got one BBQ and 3ranch. So the othere reasion we stop going is because it dont do any good to do the servey cause you guys don’t do nothing about it. So why am I doing it here because I lost the reciept this was on July 28,20 about 8.30pm. So we will not be going back cause I can see none of my complaints have done any good over the I years.

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start having more staff .more trainers Per shift. Have 4 trainers per shift . Each trainer be assign to two people to make sure it all good . And if you still got complaints. Fire the trainers or have many managers manage the trainers . If you still go problems I suggest start firing managers because they are not doing there jobs. So we will not be back for a while and oh you had no unsweetened tea here eather.

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