McDonalds complaint: Give me my money since you can’t provide my food

Complaint from Amazon Buyer reported on 25 November 2023 about McDonalds

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My complaint:

No matter how many times you go to this restaurant, they never ever get your order right. Poor excuse for any food establishment. To get home with a chicken sandwich and fries that cost $11.00 and the sandwich be wrong – unbelievable! Then, try to contact them to ask for a refund, their phone number is out-of-order. This place sucks. I don’t like doing this publicly but I have wasted so much money on food that had to be trashed because they can’t fix a plain sandwich. My son can’t eat anything unless it’s plain and I throw away more food and money because of this place than any other restaurant around.

Suggested solution:

Refund my money and then offer gift card to cover the cost of my trip to and from the restaurant and then the additional cost of having to pay for another meal because this one was not right.

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