Complaint: Employee not serving me and tending her personal business texting while i waited

on 30 December 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

A woman about 40 i guess Spanish with brownish bronzish reddish goldish hair ignored me and when she finally came to the cash register, she looked down at her wrist and NEVER greeted me. I smiled and said hello and Like she does EVERY SINGLE MORNING she totally ignored me. I was standing and standing and standing and she never looked up as she texted and looked down. I finally asked 4 times May i order now? she never responded. I have seen her for months and she has never smiled until she finally said SORRY! and laughed as if what she did was acceptable. I was late getting to work.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Suspend this Spanish middle agish woman for 2 weeks. I am sick of NOT BEING SERVED by her as if I'm supposed to serve her

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