Mattel complaint: Not enough shoes available for flat-footed Barbie dolls!

Complaint from Gaile Gamble reported on 17 November 2023 about Mattel

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My complaint:

Dear Friends,

I am an adult collector who is VERY frustrated with the lack of shoes available for flat-footed Barbies! I have purchased bags of 50 pairs of shoes on Amazon where it is stated that all kinds of shoes will be included and have been lucky if I even find one pair of flats. Usually they are sports models, not even dressy or cute ones for a non-athletic Barbie. This is becoming more and more annoying as I have more Barbies with flat feet now than those with arches. What are we to do, go barefooted with all the outfits??? Can you help me? I’m sure I’m not the only person who needs nice shoes for flat-footed Barbies!

Thank you so much for your attention to this problem,
Gaile Gamble

Suggested solution:

They should make more nice shoes for flat-footed Barbies and they should make them available immediately on Amazon.

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