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Complaint from Hurst Thompson reported on 03 February 2024 about Londis

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My complaint:

Dear sir/madam

I wish to report and make a formal complaint regarding a poor customer service received on 19/01/2024 at Londi’s garage shop located at London Rd, Lyme Green, Sutton, Macclesfield SK11 0JX. The shop attendant was very rude and disrespectful to me and to my support worker. He starred at me frequently. And failed to scan my items properly. He also he failed to give the right change until his manger intervened and retuned the correct change he also accused me of giving the money to me which my support worker said that’s a lie and he didn’t do it he was stalking me embarrassment telling my support worker and me to leave the store with aggression towards us. This is very embarrassing and shows poor customer services. He Was really really really rude towards and aggressive

Suggested solution:

my story is
he should be sacked from his job the address I provide above after investigation and disciplinary meetings,

support worker story,

wants him to be cautioned, and re trained on quality customer services to enable him to treat new customers with respect and regards

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