Loc8me complaint: Absolutely unprofessional and unacceptable

Complaint from Katiebow123 reported on 05 November 2023 about Loc8me

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My complaint:

We have been living at flat 4 for almost a month now and we still haven’t received our WiFi box which is clearly stated as included in our all inclusive bills package. This has damaged both our phone bills as we’ve had to buy more data to check even just our work schedules and also our mental health with no tv to watch as it needs wifi to be set up. We have called 22 times over the past 25 days to try and resolve this matter and have always been told they would call us back with updates.

Week starting the 16th of October we were told the WiFi would be fitted next week, only to receive a phone call week starting 23rd, to say it would now be fitted next week. We are now looking at over a month for loc8me to uphold a contractual obligation and we have been provided no compensation or options to resolve the situation.

We then also had another issue stemmed from the no WiFi issue. On Thursday the 26th of October a staff member of loc8me entered our residence with 2 members of the public for a “flat viewing” and we had been informed of this by email. The staff member knocked twice and immediately let herself in, me and my partner still in bed and nearly opened the door to our room. The email had been sent at 6pm the previous day with them entering at 10:30am, obviously this is not 24 hours notice which is our tenants right and we could not even access our emails to check due to the lack of WiFi and having exhausted both of our data packages.

I also do not understand why our flat is being viewed less than a month into our tenancy when we haven’t expressed we want to leave the tenancy next year.

Suggested solution:

We would like compensation included in our next payment reflecting the costs of the WiFi in our all inclusive bills package. If the WiFi is unable to be fitted we would like money to be able to buy data for our phone bills. If we still haven’t received our WiFi and loc8me want to view our flat again we expect a phone call 24 hours prior to warn us that people will be coming in our flat.

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