Complaint: Rude

on 09 April 2022 about Ladbrokes in category Gambling

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My complaint:

I was visiting one of your Ladbrokes stores in the Copnor Road store. I had my one-year-old daughter who was asleep in her pram and when I entered the premises I was told to leave due to children not being allowed in the shop. I asked where can I go and leave her they said I don’t know I don’t care she is one years old and asleep in her pram so I had nowhere to go with her I make one bet a year on the Grand National and I felt it was very rude of your staff the way I was treated. I understand that you are ate not allowed children in but my daughter was one years old and asleep in her pram she wasn’t exactly going to get up and make a bet I just felt it very rude the way your staff treated me and I have no other option this is not a way to treat a customer who is paying to help support local businesses. I was very lucky that there was a customer who said listen I will look after her for you outside if you don’t mind which are very helpful because I have no other alternative. I understand that you can do betting online but it takes the enjoyment out of going to a betting shop and actually looking at paper and making a physical bet it’s one day of the year that we get to make these bets I just found it very rude the way I was treated.

Suggested solution:

You need to look at how you can go about letting one-year-olds or two-year-olds in their pram to come into the premises I understand if it was a 12-year-old or 13-year-old But a 1-year-old her sleep in a pram! unfortunately we don’t live in an age where we can leave our children outside.

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