Kelloggs complaint: Saltine cracker zesta

Complaint from Elizabeth grant reported on 02 February 2023 about Kelloggs

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My complaint:

Just bought week ago and open it to stale , no taste, no salt CRACKERS!!!!

Suggested solution:

Pay attention to products and compensate

Kelloggs complaint Saltine cracker zesta
Kelloggs complaint Saltine cracker zesta
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Lowell Garrett
Lowell Garrett (@guest_6678)
1 year ago

Time to buy a different cracker. I’m tired of buying broken Zesta Crackers

1 year ago
Reply to  Lowell Garrett

I am with you Lowell. I actually prefer the Zesta recipe over the Nabisco Premium but over 40 years of going back and forth between the 2 brands nothing has changed. Standard Zesta pack will have 2 and sometimes as many as 6 broken crackers while Nabisco has sometimes 1 and no more than 2. Something in the recipe that makes them more fragile and prone to breakage?