Jills Steals and Deals complaint: Foldable Leather Wireless Charging Stand

Complaint from Cheated reported on 21 June 2023 about Jills Steals and Deals

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My complaint:

I purchased THREE of these… held out to be regularly priced as $119.99 marked down to $22. (After the fact, I found them on amazon for roughly $50… with not so great reviews.) They were gifts! NONE of them work. We tried multiple devices on all three of these charging stands. I reached out to SD multiple times, and they finally reached out to Let It Ride, the company with whom SD have a relationship.
Let It Ride arranged a phone call where they pretty much recited what was in the instructions in the box, while in a car. At first, they tried to tell me my phone wasn’t compatible as a wireless product, but this was not true. They then told me they wanted me to send them a video PROVING that the items did not charge. I told them I wanted a refund, which they said they would have done if I had purchased the product from them, but I didn’t — how cavalier of them! I told them absent a refund, there was no resolution. (also conveyed this to SD… response — radio silence!)
Let It Ride then proceeded to harass me on an almost daily basis for about ten days. They repeatedly called me… over and over, leaving no message. They then left me a message of five plus minutes telling me when I could call them… I could call them on Monday, and if that didn’t work, I could call them on Tuesday, etc. etc. Clearly harassment! They also called me multiple times and left a message with a fake southern accent telling me that they’d had a missed call from me, which was absolutely untrue! I reported all of this to SD… again, absolutely no response. They have their commission; they don’t care about the fact that I have three useless pieces of garbage and that I was harassed by a vendor!

Suggested solution:

refund my $66

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