Complaint: Ignoring the mask rule

on 14 November 2020 about Jewel Osco in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

For about 6wks now I go the the Jewel early (to avoid crowds) every Sat. or Sun. and there’s an employee who mainly works meat dept. but also walks around the store doing other things. I have never ever once seen him wear a mask up over his nose. He constantly walks all over the store basically mask-less. He talks to managers, other employees, no one corrects him. He walked right into me a few weeks ago, mask over his mouth but not nose. I explained to him I’m ‘at risk’ I catch covid I DIE. I asked him to please respect the 6ft rules and please wear his mask correctly. He pulled his mask up. 5 minutes later I walked by his mask was down again. I have talked to managers about this repeatedly before leaving the store with my groceries, as I have to be in his area to do my shopping (or not). They tell me they will talk to him. I go in the next week, or maybe stop in during the week, there he is and now is like he is deliberately taunting me. He knows who I am, he sees me. He makes eye contact with me, it’s like he’s laughing at me. I have given up. I did take a picture of him last week though, just today an hr ago I was in the same Jewel, there he was walking around and stocking meat, no mask. I didn’t take a pic today though. I saw him briefly talking with a manager mask-less too today. We are in the middle of an exploding pandemic right now? Seriously how ignorant is he? What kind of message do you think he’s putting out for Jewel Osco? I want to mention, too EVERY other employee I’ve ever seen at this particular store is absolutely great about wearing masks. They really are. Except him.

I have one photo, but believe me this has been going on for weeks. I absolutely would not finally go through all this trouble if it wasn’t. if he looks shocked in the photo it’s because he was. This was last week. I don’t think he thought I’d actually take a picture of him. I did walk by him and say Dude, still not wearing that mask huh? He ignored me and kept unloading. He was making eye contact with me when I snapped this.

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Suggested solution:

Write him up. Pop into the store regularly to see if he's ignoring the mask rule - if he is keep writing him up until you can get rid of him.

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