Jersey Mikes complaint: Rude staff!

Complaint from Dimples714xo reported on 14 March 2024 about Jersey Mikes

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My complaint:

We walked in the store, the front cashier person wearing a cap skinny Caucasian did not have a name tag on he did not greet us. He did not tell us welcome. He rolled his eyes and walked away. They’re very unprofessional rude. The managers need to train those boys that were working makes you just wanna walk out. The store is dirty and filthy. The boys in the back we’re playing around. Laughing literally the food was warm the vegetables like it’s just been sitting out. I took photos of the dirty store the dirty food products and I took photos of the boys this looks very bad for you guises company he did not ask if I wanted any dressings on my sandwich they literally straight up, ignored us it was only 830 and he asked us to hurry up and order because they’re closing in 10 minutes but their sign says 9 o’clock I asked him he didn’t ask me if I wanted any dressings or any salt or pepper he told me it’s against our policy we’re not supposed to ask customers and if that’s true, then there’s a nice way of saying instead of being rude I literally feel like I’m gonna get sick. My stomach is hurting. Maybe I should do somthing about it further please call me very unprofessional I asked for his name he told me he wasn’t allowed to give it out on the receipt, the name says Rosalinda i’m not sure if he’s using somebody’s house code for the cashier.

Suggested solution:

They should refund me and give me a free sandwich and have different people make it is this how they treat first timers who are lgbt? Soo rude! The manager literally needs to have a talk ! And retrain them i am hurt

Jersey Mikes complaint Rude staff!
Jersey Mikes complaint Rude staff!
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