Jersey Mikes complaint: Bad manager

Complaint from Ticket number 01-000650-01-425612 reported on 12 February 2024 about Jersey Mikes

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My complaint:

Person behind the counter put someone’s ham and cheese on my sub. She also tried to cut my. giant italian sub knowing it was supposed to be cut in 4 oven subs. She did not listen to me when I wanted the salt, proper and Oregon before the oil and vinegar. She over charged me 3.99 for a ref drk/ch plus I had a coupon for 2 dollars off a giant sub. Plus a free cookie
She charged me for that. The total of my bill was $27.21. I also get 3 bag of chips.

Suggested solution:

By showing that person that you do not put someone's else's meat on a customer sub. I would like my .99 and 3.99 back

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