Jared Jewelers complaint: Wrongfully Signed Up for Credit Card

Complaint from allie.tobin reported on 29 March 2024 about Jared Jewelers

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My complaint:

I went in to this store a month or so ago to look at rings with my partner. Towards the end, the employee we were working with suggested that I check how much credit I would be eligible for if I decided to buy a ring and wanted to finance it. I was assured that this was a no commitment action and it would just be to check the amount I would be able to receive. However, that same day I received an email welcoming me to the Jared Gold Card Family. I was confused and utilized the text communication feature on Jared’s website to talk to a customer service rep about this. I explained the situation and was reassured that there was no card opened up under my name, that I just got the email because my email address is associated with a Jared wishlist. A couple weeks later, however, I received a Jared Gold Card in the mail. I once again reached out to express my frustration about this and got virtually no help and no reparations. I did not agree to have a credit card open under my name, I did not sign for it, and I was in no way informed that this was going to happen. I cancelled the card already but I am worried about the effect this is going to have on my credit score, as my accounts are fairly new and even the smallest things can impact my score. This situation has angered me beyond belief and I am no longer interested in ever using this business and I would NEVER recommend it to my friends, family, acquaintances, or coworkers.

Suggested solution:

I just want any impacts on my credit score/record to be completely corrected and not have any negative effects on me in the future due to this stores negligence. I am thoroughly disappointed and would seek legal action if it were possible.

Jared Jewelers complaint Wrongfully Signed Up for Credit Card
Jared Jewelers complaint Wrongfully Signed Up for Credit Card
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