Istanbul Airport complaint: Abus to 77 sick women

Complaint from Nada225 reported on 30 October 2023 about Istanbul Airport

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My complaint:

I arrived October 30th to Istanbul from Iraq/Basra with Iraq airways, flight number ia221 , we scheduled weal chair, I waited at the plane and they told me it’s not in the system, they take me to a room and left me alone for 90 minutes, I was very scared and begged them and cried to take me to my family outside because I felt so bad and could have heart attack but they asked me to be silent and they were busy with their phones and drinking tea with 0 humanitarian, my daughter was crazy outside asking the police to help, I can’t totally walk outside because I have severe knee problem. This situation made me in dangerous health issue and deep scary, cameras will show everything.

Suggested solution:

Panisch the people who are working there

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