Huntington Bank complaint: Customer service representative

Complaint from TayTay588 reported on 09 March 2024 about Huntington Bank

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My complaint:

I would like to file a complaint about a customer service representative I spoke with on the phone. This was on March 8th at 8:41pm and again at 8:49pm. I don’t recall what the women’s name was but she was incredibly rude. I called to find out what my remaining past due balance was and as soon as she looked up my information she immediately said “well it looks like your past due and that your vehicle is currently up for repossession, have they came and picked your vehicle up yet” I never got an answer about the amount that was still due. I explained to her that I had made a $400 payment earlier that day. And she had assumed I was lying and asked if I had my receipt. Which any customer rep I’ve ever spoke with never does this. She proceeded to ask me “is there a reason why you haven’t been answering our phone calls what’s your plan to get this amount paid” 1. I was calling to find out my due balance. Not to be interrogated. 2. It is not anyone’s business why I’m not able to make my payments at this time. I tell the customer representatives out of COURTESY. If you look at my payment history it’s pretty damn good for having this car for almost 7 years, so if I’m ever late with my payments, believe it’s for a good reason. I’m incredibly upset that I was treated like a terrible person because I’ve missed a few payments! Everyone goes through things in life and there is absolutely no reason a Huntington representative talked to me the way she did!

Suggested solution:

Re evaluate the people they hire for customer service!! They are incredibly rude!

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