H&R Block complaint: Mishandled my personal taxes

Complaint from doclist reported on 08 June 2023 about H&R Block

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My complaint:

I’m working with an accountant to handle my business and personal accounting and taxes. Two years in a row they failed to account for some Annuity income. For our 2021 personal taxes filed in 2022 they completely failed to include a significant amount of income. We received a notification from the IRS that we owed $11K in taxes PLUS around $4K in penalties and interest. The accountant basically said “you didn’t send me the right documents” but I have an email trail with someone in his office proving that I did provide the correct documentation. The accountant’s approach always seems to be to gaslight me and try to make it my fault.

I’m not arguing that we don’t owe the taxes. I’m arguing that he failed to do his job properly and that HR Block should be responsible for some or all of the penalties and interest. In addition, because of the accountant’s lengthy delays in responding to messages (through the HRBLOCK.com system) we have accrued additional interest.

Suggested solution:

They should reimburse us for the penalties and interest.

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