H&R Block complaint: Complaint Regarding Incompetent Service from HR Block

Complaint from Angeli reported on 21 February 2024 about H&R Block

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My complaint:

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the service provided by HR Block. Despite engaging your services and entrusting you with my tax matters, I have encountered numerous issues that have resulted in significant frustration and inconvenience.

Firstly, I recently received a notice letter from the tax revenue department, indicating errors in my tax filings that were prepared by HR Block. Despite my repeated attempts to address this matter over the past six months, it remains unresolved. The lack of timely resolution and ineffective communication from your team is unacceptable.

Furthermore, the process of scheduling appointments with your tax professionals has been nothing short of chaotic. Not only have I encountered difficulties in reaching them via email and phone calls, but on several occasions, they have failed to show up for scheduled appointments without any prior notice or explanation.

The assistants responsible for scheduling appointments have also contributed to the problem by failing to provide updates or respond to inquiries ly. This level of negligence and disorganization reflects poorly on the professionalism and competence of your company.

The culmination of these issues has left me feeling utterly frustrated and regretful of my decision to utilize your services. As a customer, I expect and deserve better treatment and accountability from a reputable tax service provider.

Suggested solution:

I dont know

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