HP Instant Ink complaint: Language Barrier

on 15 September 2023 about HP Instant Ink in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I called HP to discuss my subscription with HP and ask for a pause in my subscription plan, but as usual I am on the phone with a young woman who I had a language barrier with, and as usual I get the standard I’m sorry for your frustration. I have yet to get the right answers to my questions.
I also get a email every other month to update my payment method, what I don’t understand is why I can’t get a straight answer about how much I owe, about why I can’t pause my subscription because I have to much extra ink on hand and why I can’t just keep my paper subscription.
Explain to me why can’t I just get the answer I need (good or bad) without all of the extra conversation? I understand HP is world wide, I understand the language per country but why can’t I just speak to someone at HP that can address my questions? I received an email telling me to update my payment method before the 22nd of September? But according to my account I have until October 6th. And why I can’t pause my subscription until some of my refills are used?

Suggested solution:

Allowing me to speak to an English Speaking Customer Service representative with easy comprehension skills

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