HomeTowne Studios complaint: Disgusting new owner

Complaint from ChrissyFrance reported on 23 April 2024 about HomeTowne Studios

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My complaint:

We have been staying here for over 2 years, we have seen GM’s come and go. (About 6 to be exact) So we weren’t a bit concerned when we got another one…little did we know.
He wasn’t a gm, he was the new OWNER! WHAT A POS! WHAT AN UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, CRUDE, VULGAR, DISGUSTING EXPLANATION FOR A HUMAN BEING. !!! We were completely taken off guard when at 8:18 am, the new OWNER BEATS ON THE DOOR ,as if there were a fire or a killer out there, and he SCREAMS, not ask, not talk, but SCREAMS that he needed to move his bike. (Which is located outside our door against the wall), he’s had 3 bikes stolen from here and his bike is like our car.. There’s no bike rack to lock it up. No place for the many bikes here to be placed and secured. The NEW OWNER SCREAMS THAT HE NEEDS TO GO WHERE THERE IS A BIKE RACK. Again it’s not even 8:30 and we were horrified. Not to mention the other people staying in rooms around us who had to wake up hearing him scream!!! He’s NEVER even said his name. Only he’s the NEW OWNER. I WOULD ADVISE ANYONE THINKING OF STAYING HERE TO SAVE UR MONEY. SLEEP OUTSIDE.LESS ROACHES. LESS ATTITUDES. LESS BS. BETTER VIEWS, BETTER SLEEP. BETTER OWNERS.

Suggested solution:

An apology with a bike rack would b a start.....

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