Complaint: Contractor broke roof, made hole while during the gutters

on 04 January 2021 about HomeAdvisor in category Online Services

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My complaint:

We hired a contractor to put gutter guards on our gutters. The contractor was referred directly by the home advisor person who determines which contractors would be best suited for my needs as I am an older lady and my family is very busy at work and leaves me to maintain the home. The gutter contractor sent a non licensed kid, is nephew to come do the job. He had no idea what he was doing and for a decently large house he managed to stick on a gutter guard in less than an hour. Which from past professionals we had it takes a day at least with more than one worker. I am certain there is no way it could be done professionally with one unskilled kid to do the whole house in less than an hour. We noticed afterwards when we inspected his work to find large deep holes all over the roof where he was walking around. On hole on top of the kitchen has the roof tile gone, the hole goes through the wood and whatever molding between the roof tiles and the wooden beams underneath. I can see into the house from the hole. My son told the contractor’s uncle, the actual person we signed to hire. He sent his nephew again to fix the holes. Which they did just put new tiles where the holes were. But did nothing to fill the holes with solid material to hold the tiles closely and waterproof the hole as it should be by common sense even. Three weeks later unsurprisingly the contractor assured us that the tile he put back on is good enough. But clearly it’s not done by the books or as a professional licensed contractor would. The ceiling of the kitchen which is under the largest of all holes he made is sinking inwards and water marks are showing. The caving in appearance of the ceiling has started since the hole was made. Water is leaking in through that hole the contractor made, and now the ceiling is sinking in on our kitchen. Please take action immediately.

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Home advisor is supposedly a reputable company who would only refer the best contractors for the job from their professional standpoint. I trusted your company to choose a contractor who is professional. Regardless, now that the damage is done, the winter cold air is coming through our roof and our ceiling is caving in with obvious water stains who expect the contractor responsible to immediately, ASAP come to our house and fix the roof that they messed up, properly insulate the hole as it should be done. Not just covered with a tile leaving the damages hidden, fix the caving in ceiling immediately.

Contractor broke roof, made hole while during the gutters
Contractor broke roof, made hole while during the gutters
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